Henny & Grand Mar – That Brown Liquor Mix

GrantLOVe - After Midnight Art

Greetings Loved Ones, yes that includes you.

As most of you know I’m all about the love. I’m also all about the music.

I present to you…..That Brown Liqx Mix!


This one is for my man Steve Harvey. These are my pix, for a real smooth Brown Liquor Mix.

“It doesn’t matter how old a song is, as long as it’s new to you!! Explore the old school!!” You’re never too young to learn.

Let it ride

That Brown Liquor Mix (mp3) right-click, save as


The Stylistics – One Night Affair
Mass Production – Angel
Cameo – Hanging Downtown
Tyrone Davis – In The Mood
The Moments – Sexy Mama
Esther Byrd – Touch Me, Tease Me
John Hammond – Can’t We Smile
Peoples Choice – A Mellow Mood
Don Blackman – Lovin’ You, Holdin’ You
The Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy pt.2
Ray Parker Jr. – After Midnight
Rhythm – The World Is A Place
Tom Brock – The Love We Share..
William Hart – Follow Every Dream
Lonnie Liston Smith – A Garden of Peace

Sample Session:
The Stylistics
“One Night Affair”
Love Spell (1979)

Little Brother
“Lovin’ It ft. Joe Scudda”
The Minstrel Show (2005)


One thought on “Henny & Grand Mar – That Brown Liquor Mix

  1. Well, well, well, Sir… I see the long layoff has NOT eroded your musical skills any I took one look at this playlist and the first thing I thought was… DAY-UM! This is some HOT ish!

    Glad to have you back on the musical side of the blogosphere my friend!


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