DJ GrantLOVE Presents: The SlowDown


OK, since I’m officially back in business, no better time than to follow up with another DJ GrantLOVE mix. This one is a little more of a mixed goodie bag of musical treats. Check it out!

Starting off with a tribute to the one and only Stevie Wonder, Rocket Love by Black Coffey from the album Conception. I followed that with the Grand Puba produced Love, Need & Want by Chante Savage. You’ll find some older faves like Rene & Angela’s My First Love, and the incomparable Johnny Guitar Watson putting his mack down on Lovin You. The Force MD’s, Entouch, Taana Gardner, and The Ohio Players’ Pride & Vanity makes this SlowDown Mix an instant classic. Where else will you find all these songs on one mix? HERE at Music To My Ears, that’s where!!

I hope you enjoy the flashback. Peace & Blessings

“It doesn’t matter how old a song is, as long as it’s new to you!! Explore the old school!!” You’re never too young to learn.

Let it ride

The SlowDown (mp3) right-click, save as


1. Black Coffey – Rocket Love
2. Chante Savage – Love, Need & Want
3. Boz Scaggs – Miss Riddle
4. Donny Hathaway – Lil Ghetto Boy
5. Force MDs – Here I Go Again
6. Rene & Angela – My First Love
7. Entouch – 2 Steps To The Right
8. Friends Of Distinction – I Really Hope You Do
9. Marvin Gaye – Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again
10. Johnny Guitar Watson – Lovin You
11. Taana Gardner – When You Touch
12. Junior – Baby I Want You Back
13. Ohio Players – Pride & Vanity
14. Syreeta – Black Maybe
15. The Sylvers – How Love Hurts


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