DJ GrantLOVE: Underground Ballads

DJ GrantLOVE - "It's Not Old, If It's New To You"
DJ GrantLOVE - "It's Not Old, If It's New To You"

This one is for all my Older Heads out there. I have different memories for most of these songs, but the majority of those memories had to do with Puppy love.

You all remember talking on the phone for hours, not wanting to be the first to hang up the phone. We’d throw around the words “I Love You” without even understanding what Loving someone really entailed.

We would make mix tapes and give them to the person we liked. Remember the cutting school parties we would have? Someone at the party usually had a slow jam tape, and once that bad boy started playing, the boys and girls would start playing as well.

Remember having your girl or boyfriend over to study, but somehow you both ended up studying each other.

Let me hear of some of your memories of these selections, or stories on when you first heard them.

Some of you may recognize a few songs that have been re-made, or extensively sampled. Some may hear it here for the first time. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this labor of Love!!

Peace & Blessings



“It’s not old, if it’s new to you!!” Explore the old school!! You’re never too young to learn.

Download: Underground Ballads

1.Curtis Mayfield – You’re So Good To Me
2.Rene & Angela – My First Love
3.Michael Sterling – Lovers & Friends
4.Junior – Baby I Want You Back
5.Chic – When You Hear This Song (Will You Cry)
6.Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack – Be Real Black For Me
7.Cameo – Hanging Downtown
8.One Way – Something In The Past
9.Experience Unlimited (EU) – Taste of Your Love
10.Dreamboy – (I Promise) I Do Love You
11.Entouch – 2 Steps to the Right
12.Bobby Glen – Sounds Like a Love Song
13.The Ohio Players – Our Love Has Died
14.The Dramatics – Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams
15.Morris Day – Gigolo’s Get Lonely Too [Live]

Enjoy This One… Slowly!


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