DJ GrantLOVE Presents: Funky Emotions


This mix explores the varying emotions when it comes to Love, Lust, & Heartbreak. Most of us have felt all the above. Some were great, others, not so much.

From Hook-ups to Marriage, and from Marriage to infidelity, we all have felt the joys and the pains. The Ohio Players get it jump started with the classic Sweet Sticky Thing. You’ll also find classic cuts from Cameo, DJ Rogers, ConFunkShun, and others. All are bearing their souls, whether it be for Love, Lust, or Heartbreak.


“It’s not old, if it’s new to you!!” Explore the old school!! You’re never too young to learn.

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Download: Funky Emotions
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1. The Ohio Players – Sweet Sticky Thing
2. ConFunkShun – Let Me Put (Love On Your Mind)
3. Cameo – Hangin’ Downtown
4. DJ Rogers – Say You Love Me
5. Switch – I Wanna Be Closer
6. New Birth – It’s Been A Long Time
7. Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love
8. Minnie Ripperton – Baby This Love I Have
9. Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You
10. Dazz Band – Heartbeat
11. Gap Band – Yearnin’ For Your Love
12. Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends
13. D-Train – You’re The Reason
14. ConFunkShun – I’m Leavin’ Baby
15. The Ohio Players – Our Love Has Died

Enjoy This One… It’s Filled with emotion!


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