This mix is intended for those who have already reached a level of musical transcendence. From Soul and Acid Jazz, to Funk and Latin Rhythms, this mix incorporates what music is all about, the rhythms.

Musically, this is my favorite mix. So many different styles, rhythms, genres, and Era’s. This is different from my usual themes, however, I still have a few tracks that were widely sampled and or tracks that could be sampled fro all my beat diggers out there.

Shout out to Rachel Morales who chose the Ray Barretto classic Acid!


“It’s not old, if it’s new to you!!” Explore the old school!! You’re never too young to learn.

[listen now]

Download: Hot Sauce [right click, save as]


1. Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Be This This
2. Roy Ayers – For Real
3. Cymande – Bra
4. Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme
5. Kool & The Gang – Soul Vibrations
6. St. Germain – Soul Salsa Soul
7. Tito Puente – Take Five
8. Ray Barretto – Acid
9. Mongo Santamaria – Sofrito
10. Fela Kuti – Sorrow Tears & Blood
11. Norman Connors – The Creator Has A Master Plan
12. Nina Simone – Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter
13. Angelique Kudjo – Summertime
14. Gil Scott Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit
15. Miriam Makeba – Quit It

Enjoy This One… It’s Caliente!


2 thoughts on “HOT SAUCE

  1. I told you it was too cultured for you.
    Open your mind and broaden your horizons playa.

    There’s a world of music out there, step out of your comfort zone and
    experience it all.

    That’s what I’m doing. Can’t please everyone with every mix.

    Holla at your boy so you can contribute some mixes.


  2. Leave that acid alone….Were you high when you mixed this….lol…I like that kool and the gang track…2-3 of those songs I already have…But this is a mix you need to listen to when your high or tipsy as hell!!! Only way it can be enjoyed…lol


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