DJ GrantLOVE ‘POPS’ The 80’s


Remember when MTV played music videos? On a given day you would see videos from Madonna, Aha, Rick Springfield, Michael Jackson, Soft Cell, The Euryhtmics, etc. I can remember the Corny Outfits, the synthesized sounds, and let’s not forget about the crazy hairstyles.

The 80’s was a great time and a bad time for music, depending on what style you loved. The 80’s marked the beginning of the end of full on Bands and replaced them with synthesizers. A hip new sound (Hip-Hop)was in its infancy, and Rock music started to have heart, as the power ballads rose to the top of the charts.

Here is my little contribution, and tribute to a sound that would come to be known as Pop Music. Boy bands would soon follow, shortly thereafter, The Pop Princess phenomenon would begin, followed of course by many train wrecks.


“It’s not old, if it’s new to you!!” Explore the old school!! You’re never too young to learn.

[listen now]

Download: Pop The 80’s [right click, save as]


1. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
2. Soft Cell – Tainted Love
3. David Bowie – Let’s Dance
4. INXS – I Need You Tonight
5. Bruce Hornsby & The Range – The Way It Is
6. Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
7. AHA – Take On Me
8. Imagination – Illusion
9. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight
10. Richard Marx – Waiting For You
11. Mister Mister – Broken Wings
12. Cutting Crew – Died In Your Arms
13. Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
14. Paul Young – Everytime You Go Away
15. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
16. Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Enjoy This One… It’ll Pop!


2 thoughts on “DJ GrantLOVE ‘POPS’ The 80’s

  1. Anne was the it then her voice stoodout like no other for that style of music unlike today a new sound comes out and everyone jumps on it to milk it. remember when MTV was suburbTV that was the targeted audience then Hip Hop came and would not & could not be ignore being in the NYC tri-state area I remember the real local scene 15″ speakers cerwin vega technic turntables now I am def dating myself but hey I was a part of it.


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