Introducing DJ Slish, New Contributer to MTME


What’s up world? I’m tied down with a few things right now, so I would like to introduce my boy DJ Slish. I’ve known this cat for a very long time. Without aging myself, let’s just say we’ve been friends longer than most of these young “know-it-alls” have been alive.

DJ Slish is an avid music lover like myself, as well as a very talented Writer/Storyteller. Make sure you hit up his site Make sure you bookmark it and read his stories.

This podcast has a nice mixture of R&B, Smooth Hip-Hop,& New Soul. Don’t forget to download it to your portable player.

Peace Blessings & GrantLOVE

[listen now]

Download: DJ Slish – The Wrong Lover [right click, save as]


J.Holiday Feat Rick Ross-Wrong Lover
Ryan Leslie-You’re Fly
The Dream feat Mariah Carey-My Love
Rick Ross feat John Legend-Magnificent
Ryon Lovett-Get Acquainted
Unknown Artist- 1,2
J.Isaac- It’s just game
Ryan Leslie-Missing you
Keyshia Cole-Thought you should know
Avant-Involve Yourself
Keyshia Cole-Beautiful Music
Eric Roberson-Hesitation
Deemi-On the radio
Marco Polo feat J Davey- Relax
Colby Odonis- Tell me this
Jon B-Get what you want
Foreign Exchange-Take off the blues

Enjoy This One… DJ Slish did it!


4 thoughts on “Introducing DJ Slish, New Contributer to MTME

  1. Man, I heart you more than ever before! This is music right here. Now, I want you to impress me with your yard music skills.

    love to live; live to love


  2. That’s the only intro I get! Not that we’ve been friends for damn near 30 years! uuumm Ya know what scratch that last comment..We oooold…Thanks for giving me the opportunity bruh…Thanks to you my friends can download my mixes for free…: )


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