DJ Slish – Back To The Future


DJ Slish 1nce again blesses M.T.M.E. with another one of his famous mixes. Joints from Jamie Foxx to Madonna, to Chubb Rock….What The? Yo Slish, how’d you come up with this one Son?

Great minds think alike, and like minds think of Greatness©. That’s the best way I can describe the musical connection I share with Slish!!

Where else are you going to find a mix like this? Nowhere, only here on, it truly is Music To My Ears!!

Don’t forget to check out Mr Slish.

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Peace Blessings & GrantLOVE

[listen now]

Download: DJ Slish – Back To The Future [right click, save as]

1. Jamie Foxx feat Kanye West-Digital Girl
2. Cameo-Single Life
3. Keri Hilson feat Tank-Do It
4. Chubb Rock-Treat em right
5. Kid Cudi-Day and Night
6. Big Daddy Kane-Warm it up Kane
7. Kidz in the Hall-Blackout
8. Guy-Groove me
9. Common-Inhale
10. Jones Girls-Nights Over Egypt
11. Estelle feat Kanye West- American Boy
12. Sharon Redd-Beat The Street
13. Madonna-Beat Goes On
14. Madonna-Lucky Star
15. Common feat Pharrell-Universal Mind Control
16. Afrika Bambata-Planet Rock
17. Diddy-Last Night
18. Bell Biv Devoe- Poison
19. Jay Z feat Beyonce- Hollywood
20. Chaka Khan-I know you I live you

Enjoy This One… It’s Hott Like Fiire!


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