DJ Slish – The Beat Conducta


GL – “What you got for me this week Slish?”
Slish – “Working on some underground Hip-Hop”
GL – “What you know about Underground Hip-Hop?”
Slish – “LOTS!!”

That says it all right there in a nutshell. You see me and my boys go back, way back when it comes to Hip-Hop. We were snot noses during it’s inception, teeny boppers during it’s true birth, and young adults during it’s golden years.

As adults, our musical taste has matured and branched out into various other genre’s of music…Hip-Hop followed suit as well. From sampling Jazz, Soul, R&B, Disco, Rock, Fusion, Folk, Country, you name it, Hip Hop has transcended music.

DJ Slish is going to hit you with some underground Hip-Hop that you may have never heard before. Commercial radio is not a true outlet for Hip-Hop. You’ll only hear a handful of songs that get overplayed
then forgotten. True Hip-Hop lasts forever, and is as fresh today, as it was ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

We hope you enjoy!

Give us your feedback and tell us if you like what you hear on Music To My Ears.

Peace Blessings & GrantLOVE

[listen now]

Download: DJ Slish – The Beat Conducta [right click, save as]


Method Man & Redman- A Yo
Q-Tip-Dance on glass
Nate Smith feat Paul Moses-Eye contact
EMC-Leak It out
Redman Feat Erick Sermon, Biz Markie & Keith Murray-Walk in gutta
9th Wonder feat Buckshot-Go all out
Skillz feat Black Thought-Hold Tight
The Roots feat Wale & Chrisette Michelle-Rising up
Diamond D-It’ll be alright
Illa J-We here
Jadakiss feat Pharell-Stress ya
Craig G-Skates
Emc feat Little Brother-Traffic
Diamond D-Baby
Consequence feat Gangsta L Crisis & Really doe-Disperse
Royce Da 5’9- Shake This
Edo G. feat Jaysaun- Just call my name
Mf Doom-Yikes

Enjoy This One… It’s That underground Fiire!


2 thoughts on “DJ Slish – The Beat Conducta

  1. U didn’t get the memo Jonzee I’m multitalented… Thank u for the big ups. Old school house music is next week….: )


  2. Lemme find out ole’ slishy is more than just a wise ass and a smile? LMAO!!

    Verrry nice–especially since I spent the weekend with some folks reminicing on my b-girl days.


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