DJ Slish – Bush Meat

bush meat art

Hello Music lovers. This is DJ SLISH comin actha!

First, I would like to thank all of you for showing me love on this site. I’m thankful my boy Grantlove has allowed me to express myself in this format. That being said lets get down to business.

On occasion, when radio starts to bore me, (Urban  radio bores me quite often);  I tend to gravitate towards the not so conventional. It could be Afro Beat, Latin house or even Bossa Nova. Anyway, my ears have taken journey’s  to so many places I’ve acquired an overabundance of musical knowledge along the way.

This week’s playlist is byproduct of those many trips.  So FOLKS! Close your eyes, click that arrow, imagine yourself in a faraway land, and
Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Bush Meat….

Grooves so rare not even RADIO can stand the TASTE.

Remember ” It’s not old, if it’s NEW to You!”

DJ Slish!

[listen now]

Download: DJ Slish – Bushmeat [right click, save as]


The Soul Jazz Orchestra- Mugambi
Raw Artistic Soul- What about love
Ron Trent-Manzana
Studio Apartment-Sun Will Shine
Raw Artistic Soul-Nawella
Dj Spinna
Living Proof
Jon Cutler- You Groove Me
Kings Of Tomorrow-In the night
Osunlade-Same Thing
Glen Underground-City People
Osunlade feat Eric Roberson-Rock with you
Peven Everett-High Life

Enjoy This.  It’ll make you wanna smack your first cousin in the mouth!


4 thoughts on “DJ Slish – Bush Meat

  1. @ Jonzee Its funny u should mention losing my Day job…lol…That’s exactly what happened when I was fired from JPmorgan Chase 9 years ago. I taught myself how to be a digital DJ out of boredom..Shortly after I needed some cash so I started promoting an afterwork event on Friday nights and the DJ was cutting into my profit margin so I fired him and mixed my own cd’s no one knew the difference…lol…

    @ Bluey…Let me find out you have an eclectic ear sistren….I’ve been trying to find a spot in Jersey where I can actually play music like this for the masses to hear…Still looking…


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