A Park Jam: SOULcrates.com Flashback

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I’m going way back to a simpler time. A time when the internet was nothing more than a thick yellow book called the yellow pages. Rotary phones that hung on kitchen walls were all the rave, and cable TV was a 13″ b/w set with rabbit ears covered in tin foil, and a pair of vice grips were your remote control.

Before the CD was looked at as the all to end all, I mean, how can you get more technological than a disc that is played with a laser? Hello MP3’s and digital media.

This mix will take you back to the age of the Mom & Pop record stores…You know the one’s you’d run to as soon as you received your allowance. A time when being the “first” to hear something meant more than just bragging rights, you were in the know, and took pride in that.

I miss those times. I miss waiting all week just to hear DJ Red Alert and Mister Magic play a couple of hours of Hip-Hop Music. I miss staying up until 4am, just to make sure I didn’t miss the freestyle sessions on the Bobbito & DJ Stretch Armstrong show on WKCR (Columbia Univ. radio). The anticipation made you appreciate the art that much more. I miss pure Hip Hop….Before it became a copy cat medium, Before it became a business…most of all, before the exploitation.

This mix will always remind me of the beginning and golden age of Hip Hop music because this is the music that inspired that culture, as pure as it’s ever been, or ever will be.

Peace & Love, dj grantlove head shot




Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Damn Family – Seven Minutes Of Funk
Freedom – Get Up And Dance
Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun
Mohawks – The Champ
Esther Williams – Last Night Changed It All
Chicago Gangstas – Gangsta Boogie
T-Connection – Groove To Get Down
20th Century Steel Band – Heaven And Hell (Is On Earth)
Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park
Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To The Drummers beat
The Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
Liquid Liquid – Cavern
Headhunters – God Made Me Funky

Enjoy This One Again, for the first time.


One thought on “A Park Jam: SOULcrates.com Flashback

  1. “I miss waiting all week just to hear DJ Red Alert and Mister Magic play a couple of hours of Hip-Hop Music.”

    man, you struck a cord with that line. i remember staying up all night with my 90 minute maxell’s taping those mixes and calling my boy to see if he was taping too!! those were the days. 95.7 KISS-FM and 92.3 WKTU. daymn…

    I don’t know if you remember WNJR (1430 AM) out of newark, or if you even picked that station up, but i’ll tell you what…put NJR on on saturday morning and you’d clean the house, top to bottom. they used to JAM! thanks for your site and the memories. your work is appreciated. new jersey transplant now residing in virginia beach.


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