DJ GrantLOVE – Biggie ‘n Puff: The Samples Pt.1

To say Biggie & Puff is Old School would be a slap in my own weathered face. Sure I’m in my 40’s, so Old School to me will always be Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, Fab 5 Freddy and the Like.

To me Puff can arguably be the most significant person in the history of sampling. Argue ad nausea if you like, but if you look at his body of work, along with his Hitmen Production crew;You’ll see the genius of his work. Hip-Hop started on sampling 80’s R&B and rock, Puff just brought it back and expounded on the music to create an aural and visual masterpiece, one after the other, after the next.

Some of Biggie & Puff’s biggest hits are below, but in their full length Original glory, before the chopping and the screwing in the studio. Hear what they heard before they made it an actual song.

Remember as always…”It’s not old, if it’s NEW to you!”


Peace & Love, dj grantlove head shot


DOWNLOAD: DJ GrantLOVE – Biggie ‘n Puff: The Samples

Like This!


01 – Duran Duran – Notorious [‘Notorious B.I.G.’]

02 – Bill Conti – Going The Distance [‘Victory’]
03 – David Bowie – Let’s Dance [‘Been Around The World’]
04 – Idris Muhammed – Crab Apple [‘Big Booty Hoes’]
05 – The Jackson 5 – It’s Great To Be Here [‘It’s All About The Benjamins’]

06 – Bell and James – Living It Up (Friday Night) [‘Can I Get Witcha’]
07 – Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride [‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’]

08 – George McCrae – I Get Lifted [‘Respect’]
09 – James Brown – Blues & Pants [‘Just Playing (Dreams)’]
10 – Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music [‘Don’t Stop What You’re Doing’]
11 – Patrice Rushen – Remind Me [‘Unbelievable’]
12 – Police – Every Breath You Take [‘I’ll Be Missing You’]
13 – New York City – Hang Your Head In Shame [‘Biggie’]

14 – Lisa Stansfield – Been Around The World [‘Been Around The World’]
15 – Mtume – Juicy Fruit [‘Juicy’]
16 – Al Green – I’m Glad You’re Mine [‘Dead Wrong’]
17 – Walk On By [‘Warning’]
18 – Dave Grusin – Either Way [‘Everyday Struggle’]

19 – The Gaturs – Concentrate [‘Do You Know’]

20 – Between the Sheets [‘Big Poppa’]

Enjoy This One!! It’ll make you dress in a shiny suit and say in a soft whisper “Uh huh, That’s Right! Bad Boy”

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