The GOP is LOST: Not Even FOX can help

This is the problem with the GOP right now. The so-called leaders of this party have no idea what they are talking about. Their agenda is to simply take back the White House Malcolm X style, “By any means necessary.” Enter Fox News. Once Fox News became a political arm for the Republic Party, they stopped being a legitimate news channel. Now the “news” consists of opinion based observations magically turned into facts, purposely misleading ‘chiron errors’ and pundits who are handsomely paid to agree with whatever the host says.

The Redumblicans put in place a Chairman for the RNC simply to use his skin tone as a semblance of balance in the party. Look at me, I’m Black like Obama and I’m a Republican. Even with the recent troubles of RNC Chairman Michael Steele, he still has the Audacity of Dope to try and equate his “Blackness” as some sort of lightning rod, saying on Good Morning America he believes he is held to a higher standard because he is black. No idiot, you are being held accountable like everyone else, no matter what color you are. I don’t hear Barack Obama saying he’s being called a SocialistMarxistCommunistHitlerDevil because he’s black.(Although I’m sure he is from many many folks). He understands that America IS DIVIDED, and not so much by Race, but by class. There are the have’s, you know, the fat-cat Insurance company execs, and the Wall Street players. Then there are the have-not’s. He understands all to well that the have-not’s in this Country have been ignored for far too long, mainly because those in power could care less about them.

The majority of people are struggling in America. That is why we saw such a lopsided victory in the 2008 election. That was a referendum not only on the previous 8 years of Bush, but a wake up call by the politically dormant have-not’s going to the ballot box, asking for change. Finally we are receiving it, and the other side can’t stand it.


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WATCH: Jon Stewart rips FOX coverage of Nuclear Arms Treaty

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