GrantLOVE – JGW: The OG of LOVE, Pt. 1&2

The Original Gangsta of Love. Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. February 3, 1935 – May 17, 1996

jgw gifart

This man helped to influence the sound of blues, soul music, rhythm & blues, funk, rock music, and rap music. The Original Gangsta of Love. One of the most unheralded artists of our time. Oh Yeah, and samples galore, some already used, and so many that could, and should be.
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(Originally posted on my old website Soulcrates  in 2007)

(Part 1)

Love Jones
Nothing Left to be Desired
Proud of You
Lovin’ You
Never Too Late
We’re No Exception
Won’t you Forgive Me Baby
Booty Ooty
Bow Wow
Chill Me Out
Forget The Joneses
Asante Sana

Part 2
Funk Beyond the Call of Duty
Superman Lover
Gangsta of Love
Give Me My Love
Since I Met You
Telephone Bill
I Don’t Think So
Hook You Up
Lay it on Me
I’m Gonna Get You Baby
Please Send Me Someone to Love
Strung Out
Love That Will Not Die


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