GrantLOVE – Backpack

backpack gif

90’s Hip Hop ran the gamut from Cheesy cornball rappers looking for that one hit, to established rappers either looking to cement their legacy, or just stay relevant with the ever changing sounds and styles of Rap. With so many styles on the East and West coast already taking off, the Midwest and South were making inroads, and even in some spaces considered the NEW sound of Hip Hop.
Backpack rap to me is Hip Hop straight for the streets. No commercial aspirations here, just hard core beats and rhymes from rappers all over the U.S.A Of course some underground tracks did make it commercially, especially with the fan base growing exponentially into the ‘Burbs.

This set consists of some backpack joints that rocked in the clubs, in the whips, and on some Hip Hop radio shows (but you had to stay up late to hear them). You won’t find any chart toppers or radio friendly joints here, just some hard core and underground cuts that’ll leave you bobbing your head.

Art Of Facts by Artifacts
Land of the Lost by Cella Dwellas
Broken Language by Smooth da Hustla & Trigga da Gambler
Real Live Shit by Real Live (Larry O & K-Def)
Microphone Master (Remix) by Das Efx ft. Mobb Deep
Feel No Guilt by Demasters ft. Nine
Come Take a Ride by World Renown
Beats Rhymes & Phife by Phife Dawg
On The DL by The Pharcyde
Catch a Bad One by Del The Funky Homosapien
Brooklyn Took It by Jeru The Damaja
4,5,6 by Kool G Rap
Spontaneous (13 MC’s Deep) by Leaders of the New School
Wherever You Are by Mic Geronimo
Q.U. Hectic by Mobb Deep
Bring It On by Organized Konfusion
Total Wreck by Bahamadia
U Like My Style by Shortie No Mass
Sweet Therapy by Rumpletilskinz


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