Underground Gems 2: 90’s R&B

RnB Treasures art

You may remember the 90’s but you may not remember some of these classic R&B tracks. Black music was exploding all over the place in the 90’s as new groups and artists were releasing records at an incredible pace. BoyzIIMen and Jodeci may have gotten all the attention, but groups like Ideal, Ruff Endz,  Profyle, Something for the People, Next, and so many more were battling it out for airplay and club spins. There was so much music in the era that to this day, there are still groups and artists that I’ve never heard of, and I was smack dap in the middle of the music business for the majority of the decade. Suffice it to say that I’ve procured my fair share of demo’s and promo copies. I just might make this an ongoing series of Underground Gems. I haven’t even touched the surface of all the underground classics we had at Motown.

Sam Salter – Thinkin & Trippin
Whitehead Brothers – Your Love Is A 187
Mya & Sisqo – All About Me
Playa – Cheers To You
Public Announcement – Body Bumpin’
Carl Thomas – I Wish
Profyle – Damn
Horace Brown – Taste Your Love
Ideal – Whatever You Wanna Do
Ruff Endz – No More
Next – Wifey
N’Essence – You’ll Never Find
Tweet – Oops Oh My
Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time
Mya & Jay Z – Best Of Me Remix
Jodeci & Wu Tang Clan – Freakin You Remix
Ronald Isley & Lil Kim– Float On Remix
JS – Taste My Ice Cream
ATL – Callin’ All Girls

GrantLOVE: Prince Tribute Mid/Uptempo

GrantLOVE prince mid uptempo cover

You’ve heard all the hits. You’ve heard all the classic sounds and songs that made Prince the icon he became. I want to delve deeper into his catalog. When he wasn’t creating his own unique sound, Prince was experimenting with other sounds. House, Hip-Hop, Reggae, whatever the genre, he could lay a track and make it sound better than what was already out there. He could also spit some fierce lyrics while the NPG backed him with some dope beats. I hope you enjoy this journey though some of his lesser known masterpieces.



18 & Over

Sleep Around

The Human Body

Violet the Organ Grinder

Gangsta Glam

Sexy MotherFucker

Feel U Up

Erotic City

She’s Always in my Hair

Sex in the Summer




Don’t Play Me

GrantLOVE – JGW: The OG of LOVE, Pt. 1&2

The Original Gangsta of Love. Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. February 3, 1935 – May 17, 1996


This man helped to influence the sound of blues, soul music, rhythm & blues, funk, rock music, and rap music. The Original Gangsta of Love. One of the most unheralded artists of our time. Oh Yeah, and samples galore, some already used, and so many that could, and should be.
Peep Game!

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(Originally posted on my old website Soulcrates  in 2007)

(Part 1)

Love Jones
Nothing Left to be Desired
Proud of You
Lovin’ You
Never Too Late
We’re No Exception
Won’t you Forgive Me Baby
Booty Ooty
Bow Wow
Chill Me Out
Forget The Joneses
Asante Sana

Part 2
Funk Beyond the Call of Duty
Superman Lover
Gangsta of Love
Give Me My Love
Since I Met You
Telephone Bill
I Don’t Think So
Hook You Up
Lay it on Me
I’m Gonna Get You Baby
Please Send Me Someone to Love
Strung Out
Love That Will Not Die

GrantLOVE – Born Suspect: The Soundtrack

born suspect through dna

Dedicated to all the lost souls. Taken before their time through the hate or fear of another, or the hatred of ones self. Maybe one day all the chains will be broken.

Chris Rock – Born Suspect Intro
KRS ONE – Sound of Da Police
Main Source – Just a Friendly Game of Baseball
Public Enemy – Fight The Power
Stetsasonic – Freedom Or Death
Brand Nubian – Probable Cause
Don’t Be A Menace… (Black Cop Skit)
KRS ONE – Black Cop
Last Poets – Black Soldier
Mos Def – Umi Said
Wu Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow
The Ghetto (Interlude)
Brand Nubian Ft. Common Sense – Maybe One Day
Masta Ace – Take a Look Around
Eric B & Rakim – In The Ghetto
Nas – You Can’t Stop Us Now
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Snippet from Civil Rights March 1963)
The Roots – Dear God 2.0