GrantLOVE: Magical Marvin 1&2

A collection of some of my favorite Marvin Gaye records. Hope you enjoy. Remember as always…”It’s not old, if it’s NEW to you!” Part 1ne: Funky & Righteous LISTEN NOW: DOWNLOAD: GrantLOVE: MPG 1ne Funky & Righteous T Plays It Cool Trouble Man A Funky Space Reincarnation Funk Me Rockin’ After Midnight My Love Is […]

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GrantLOVE: We Miss You BIG

Hip Hop misses the hell out of you BIG. Nuff Said! I remember like it was yesterday the first time I heard Ready To Die. It was a demo my man Gooden got his hands on. I’ve been a BIG fan since. From the gritty, sometimes over the top lyrics, to the ever present melodic […]

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GrantLOVE: Mellow Samples

Some of my favorite Hip Hop Samples of all time have been lifted from ballads, jazz records, and smooth R&B and soul. This set consists of some mellow joints that have been sampled, interpolated, and flipped to make some of the most unique and memorable tracks in history. These originals stand on their own as […]

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GrantLOVE – The Soul of Hov

A selection of samples used for many of Jay-Z’s greatest hits throughout the years. From Funk, Soul, Blues, R&B, etc, The Soul of Hov is represented by artists and groups like Barry White, The Tinsley Orchestra, Tom Brock, Rotary Connection, Bobby Blue Bland, Max Romeo, The Doors, etc. Remember as always…”It’s not old, if it’s […]

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GrantLOVE – A Funky Soul Trip

Ever needed that playlist that gets you from point A to point B before you knew it? Well here’s one that’ll surely keep you grooving until you reach your destination. I call this one A Funky Soul Trip. Featuring tracks from The Originals, Trevor Dandy, Day Break, The True Reflection, Curtis Mayfield, Jean Jacques Perry, […]

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