GrantLOVE – Funky Jazz Samples III

GrantLOVE Funky Jazz Samples III ARTWORK

Funky Jazz Samples III is yet another collection of some of my favorite Funky Jazz tracks that unknowingly laid the blueprint with funky drumbeats, super jazzy horns, and filthy guitar licks. These sounds would go on to be the foundation of a genre that took over the world, Hip Hop. Featuring tracks by Lou Donaldson, Art Blakey, David Axelrod, Quincy Jones, Johnny Hammond and many more.

Be sure to check out my stream at .  20th Century Hip Hop, and ALL the music that laid the foundation. We’re going Beyond the Break, Beyond the Loop, straight to the SOUL

“It’s Not Old, If It’s New To You” – GrantLOVE🎧

Lou Donaldson – Pot Belly

The Chambers Brothers – Funky

Power of Zeus – The Sorcerer of Isis

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache

Frank Zappa – The Son of Mr. Green Genes

James Brown – Mind Power

Fred Wesley & The JB’s – Blow Your Head

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Stretching

Charles Mingus – II B.S.

The Crusaders – In the Middle of the River

Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moments

David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

Johnny Hammond – Big Sur Suite

Quincy Jones – Summer in the City

Samuel Jonathan Johnson – My Music

Monk Higgins – One Man Band

Lou Donaldson – Ode to Billy Joe

Gene Page – Blacula Strikes

Dave McCallum – The Edge

Jack Mayborn – Music People

Eddy Senay – Cameo

Diana Ross – My Hero is a Gun (Mahogony Soundtrack)

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